• C_N_S ( for: Central Nervous System) is a piece of software devoloped during the work on the Dead Chickens' ChiMech project for Lille2004, European Cultural Capital. C_N_S is used to control all Dead Chickens monsters in the ChiMech Containers as well as Hannes Heiner's nouveau Jaquemart. It is the central piece of machinery in an ongoing project around a concept of 'art automation'

    Frankly spoken, C_N_S is a bastard of my favourite Audio/MIDI Sequencer, Cubase, and a classic SPS system and thus allows to sequence kinetics hooked up to almost any port the PC offers in a way one would normally sequence music.
    Beside that C_N_S includes a second nonlinear longterm sequencing layer, that may be combined with a number of audience interfaces and a data manipulation / creation patch system to create unattended (semi-automatic, semi audience controlled) installations with audio and kinetics .