• Allthough I have no particular interest in video or screen-based media arts I cofounded Humatic with Christian Graupner in 2001 to develop and market production tools and utilization concepts for nonlinear video.
    Since then I, as the manic mechanic, technical part of the enterprise, have written a set of applications that enable non programmers to set up interactive video installations and to run them in both unattended and operated scenarios. The software has been utilized in both artistic and commercial circumstances and has attracted the attention of numerous universities. In 2002 a german patent was awarded for its realtime media reediting concepts.

    More detailed descriptions of what humatic does can be found at www.humatic.de.

    Up to today my intersts in this project lie completely beside the software's basic purpose. I myself don't need interactive video, I hardly need any video at all and certainly I don't want to try to interact with somebody on a screen. So it's not the medial sensation but the underlying concept of nonlinearity that holds the intersting aspects for me in that it pretty closely reflects the nonlinearity one experiences in life itself and in one's brain- and thinkingpatterns that often enough take strange ways ro reach their aim or no aim at all. Humatic software allows to create pictures of these phenomena, it can abstractly describe ways of perception and in essence it is itself an attempt to create such a describtion.

    The work on this project also has completely changed my way of working in that it immensely accelerated my inside understanding of computers. Computers had been there before, mighty powerful in the area of my musical production, but working on the humatic thing turned me from being a user of tools to also being a creator of tools. These days I can't imagine any more universal material for creation then software and I doubt that I will create analogue physical work soon again (though I still do electronics for the Dead Chickens).